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Fireplace Installation Guys is a successful family business based in Cheltenham, going from strength to strength with the rising cost of fuel bills and the need for more efficient ways to heat homes. We supply and install a wide range of wood burning, gas and electrical fireplaces from the most traditional style to the very latest contemporary fireplace solutions.

Offering a superb installation service by applying specialised techniques to ensure optimal efficiency from all fireplaces saving fuel costs for our customers. As independent specialists, Fireplace Installation Guys pride ourselves in offering impartial advice. All our installations are tailored to each individual requirement and carried out by qualified fireplace installers.

Fireplace Installation Guys Benefits of Gas Fireplace Logs

Fireplace Installation Guys knows that the typical response to the idea of burning anything other than wood in a fireplace is repugnance at the notion of a "fake" fire.

Contemporary gas fireplace log sets consist of ceramic logs that rest atop a steel grate just as wood logs do. Below the grate the gas is distributed through a layer of sand with special "glowing embers" which, when operated behind a fire-screen, provide the warmth of fire while being almost indistinguishable from burning wood.

Gas logs are incredibly easy to manage. Simply hold a fireplace match below the logs and turn on the gas for an immediate fire. No more logs to carry, no ashes to clean, no "restocking" the fire as it burns down. Burning natural gas instead of wood is less taxing on the environment. Wood, of course, emits particulate matter into the air, which adds to our pollution problems. Many communities across, already restrict the burning of wood fires on certain days to help reduce emissions.

Fireplace Installer says...

Burning gas is safer than burning wood. Fireplace Installation Guys feels that the risk of sparks flying from the chimney is removed, as is the build-up of combustible creosote on the inside of the flue. Further, you prevent the chance of spreading termites inside or around your home from the firewood. Gas logs are cheaper to use than wood. In most communities, the savings realized by burning gas instead of wood will pay for the initial investment in the gas log set in the first year or two and keep saving you money over time. Also, no longer will you need to spend money for chimney cleaning every three or four years.

Fireplace Installation Guys provides installation solutions for the removal of the existing log lighter pipe and fittings, so that only the threaded gas supply nipple remains in the fireplace.

Nowadays there are really good options and solutions for any requirement conservable, Fireplace Installation Guys as a professional fireplace installation company will guide you to make the best decision based on your requirements and financial resources. The fact is that you do not need to take from the pension fund to increase on the level of lifestyle you have worked so hard for to achieve. Fireplace Installation Guys is conveniently located and we would love to show you what can be done. 844-244-6166

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