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• Traditional A Thing of the Past

Fireplace Installers know that the traditional fireplace uses mostly wood as fuel usually poses huge risk to health and environment even with all the safety precautions employed. If you want to know more, call us 844-244-6166.


• Detrimental To the Environment

Even with all the advances in technology applicable to all fields of life, wood burning fireplaces still pose the same hazard as it did so many years ago. There are numerous reports circulated around the fireplace installer networks about how these types of fireplaces are detrimental to the environment.


• Children and the Elderly

Our fireplace installers have been trained about the harm to Mother Nature, and also about the delayed effect of smoke on the body. The fumes consist of substances that could cause lung disease and tumours that result from long term exposure. Children and the elderly and more prone as they have weaker immune systems to clear out the damaging effects of indoor air pollution.

Consider the heath options for your family and speak to a consultant, 844-244-6166.

Fireplace Installers get the Fire Burning

We were at Fireplace Installation Guys Fireplace Installers feels you as end user should take in to account, when you get a fire burning in a traditional fireplace, you need to douse it before you sleep or leave the home. You also need to watch it most of the times particularly when you have children and pets about. The risk of burns is extremely high in homes with traditional fireplaces even when you have screens and other safety gadgets. Another hazard is that when you don't clean your ventilation system, it gets clogged and the only way for the smoke to go is into your house.

Fireplace Installer don't Change Your Style

When you call Fireplace Installation Guys on 844-244-6166 you will find that there is no reason to tear down a beautiful looking fireplace. You can keep it and still enjoy it without the peril of the old times. You can transform it into a modern fireplace by placing gas logs or fireplace insert to turn it into a gas fireplace, electric fireplace of gel fireplace depending on the choice you agreed on with our fireplace installer. Gel and electrical fireplaces have mimicked the sight and sounds of crackling fire so it still looks like the real thing without the gases and smell or smoke. We also eliminate the threat to nature by not cutting trees and not emitting air contaminants. This also reduces your risk for lung diseases. Most importantly you don't get to do a lot of work just to enjoy an hour or two of cosy warmth. All the work is done by pushing a button of the remote or a turn of the dial.

If you are thinking of have a new fireplace installed or want to know more about converting you old one you have, Fireplace Installation Guys offers a qualified professional experience to all our clients. Please call us today for a comprehensive consultation. 844-244-6166

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